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then is a song

by En Route

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released July 21, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Cameron Konner at Olive's Garden
Mastered by Cameron Boucher
Photo by Brandon Shipp

En Route is a three-piece rock band from Philadelphia, PA and the brain child of guitarist P. J. Carroll (Clique). On their debut EP, Carroll maneuveres his way through brutally slow yet melody filled songs reminiscent of early 90's slowcore. Carroll is joined by Ruben Polo (Soul Glo) and Charlie Singer (Sorority Noise, Old Gray) on bass and drums, respectively. then is a song comes out on July 21st.

RIYL: Duster, The Microphones



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En Route Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: null
Sittin in the car
Chewin kpin chips
Trying to relax
Sittin in the car
You got your "Private Idaho"
Gave you everything I had
Still your thirst is never quenched
You got it bad
Sittin at the bar
Easin all the pain
Settlin my brain
That's what Webb would say
Sittin at the bar
I'll piss it all away again
Track Name: baby’s breath
Wind tunnel
Filled with dust
Cold white soot
In your glove
Desert girl
In the snow
Steal your kiss
Feel your glow
Tell me 'bout the monoliths
Strip mall schools and space cadets
Who never had the chance to leave
But you did
Track Name: i am the problem
Sun sets too fast
The colors wilt
From nacre to bister, and black
It's a curse ya bear
The weight of the world leans on the back of your chair
Oh my god
I wanna die
I aint got time
Day came too soon
The sable curtain fell around you and the sunlight intrudes
On the edge of your bed
Surrounded by the clutter of aluminum regrets
Are they all empty?
Is it a minefield?
Well I do intend on finding out
Is that the problem?
Am I the problem?
Track Name: dumb
Always hard to read this part
Crooked picture, beating heart
Will you take away all of the doubt?
Way a cautious finger send me out
Wicked child bend your knee
You know not of what you speak
Some of us will never have our day
Will you live in fear?
You could
Will you die that way?
I would
Will you live in fear?
You should
Will you die?
Track Name: cold day in hell
Cold day in hell
Chilled to the bone
Can't remember
A day this cold
I lost my love
Three weeks ago
I hope she's well
Cold day in hell
Frost on my cheeks
From tears I cried
Cold day in hell
I want to lie down
Right here
Gab awhile
Before you burn me bad
Lie down
Stay here
Humor my smile
Before you burn me bad